Just as all colours blend into the single colour of white when the colour wheel is turned at a high-speed, or like all sounds merging into a single hum when you accelerate the music; life on the fast track is mundane and boring. Yet, when the pace of the passage of time slows down; one by one, things start splitting up and the ties between them become visible, all things veiled under tranquillity start to become accessible. Colours become visible, voices become audible.

Everything exists for something else and/or continues to exist through something else. Just as the sun, the earth, water or air long to be in constant contact with one another, the human being, a miniature copy of the whole, craves to be in contact with other people and objects to be able to change/to intervene.

The subject of why the human being wants to change things around him might be one that is particularly deep. However, the question around how design alters life or what it is good for, could be explored.

Design is there for the sole purpose of serving function, that is, to contribute to the effectiveness of the use of the product and the satisfaction of the person using it. Aesthetic value is not a value on its own right. Someone not that impressive in terms of looks, could be fascinating with the mood, attitude or intelligence that they radiate when they begin to speak, when they expose the content of their substance.

The material used is the rightful cause of the resulting image and the feeling. A design that makes a bad material appear charming could only end in an effect that is temporary and virtual. Any intervention to the form must solve more than one problem while rendering the product more useful. Or the intervention should be avoided. Design should be there only to serve function.

The times are changing. With the help of the Internet everything is changing, becoming more beautiful and more real. This state of becoming more real gradually penetrates everything from the moods of individuals, to the world economy. As communication accelerates and the facilities of communication proliferate, awareness also increases. Things that are produced at a high pace by large companies and consumed at an equal speed are now known to be harmful to people and to the environment, making life simple and mundane. For this reason, people have become interested in products that are hand-made, produced in small quantities, made with patience and with time, with a quality that would make them last for a lifetime. Because of the narrowing gap between the producer, the retailer and the purchaser, the feeling of confidence and sharing has increased.

A person who is too loud or speaking too much is actually doubtful about the things he says. The one who knows and is certain, on the other hand, talks less. He is peaceful.

Silence makes room for all sounds, slows down the pace of time and makes you become in touch with the moment. Someone who is disturbed by silence is cross with himself and has adopted a life that is a diversion process. Tranquillity is the state in which we move towards the truth in the best possible way and the truth beats everything else.

Gökhan Eryaman / July 2013